Frankie’s Single Bottle Review #08 – Jake’s Orchard Kent Cider

Jake’s Orchard Kent Cider


Wine is my passion and my favourite drink, but if I fancy a change now and again it’s cider that I took to (beer no longer gets a look in due to my wheat intolerance).  Cider actually has quite a lot in common with wine as it’s made from the fermented juice of an annually harvested fruit.

So what better that a cider made by winemakers?

With a nod to Ireland’s Simon Tyrrell, here is one of the finest – and most vinous – ciders I have ever tasted, from the winemaking team at Hush Heath Estate in Kent.  The orchard was replanted 20 years ago around the time of the birth of the owners’ son Jake, and so it eventually took on his name.

The cider is made from a blend of Cox (aka Cox’s Orange Pippin), Bramley and Egremont Russet apples, with a little essence of strawberries & blackberries added.  Do not think, however, that this is a sickly sweet syrupy concoction like some ciders on the market – it’s elegant and light, and is great option for the dinner table.

Interestingly, secondary fermentation takes place in the bottle – just like traditional method sparkling wine – which makes it naturally sparkling rather than carbonation.  Those with keen eyes might notice that it is fairly strong in alcohol for a cider at 7.5%, but it doesn’t taste that strong at all – the sign of a well-balanced wine cider!

Crisp and clean, with a touch of fruit sweetness but fairly dry overall.  Delicious! Drink from a large wine glass.


Disclosure: sample kindly provided for review