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Book Review: Sediment: Two Gentlemen and Their Mid-Life Terroirs

If Jack Dee wrote a wine blog, it might read something like this…

Charles Jennings and Paul Keers, writing as CJ and PK respectively, have been blogging together for half a decade, ostensibly on the subject on wine.  Their blog isn’t really about wine per se, it’s more about the everyday and absurdities of middle age middle class life refracted through an empty wine bottle.  And it will be empty because, as their motto goes, “I’ve bought it, so I’ll drink it”.

This book is a collection of some of their favourite posts.  You might not get any tips on interesting new wines to try, but you’re highly likely to find yourself grinning in recognition, wincing at some of the descriptions or laughing out loud at some of the situations. Befriending a wine merchant?  Joining a wine club?  Buying bin ends in supermarkets? They’re all in here.

There’s something for the casual tippler right up to serious wine lovers. Most of us wine drinkers are on a journey, and whether we are starting out on the road all freshly packed or seasoned travellers seeking the next thrill, we’re on all a similar path. We’ve all started somewhere, so we recognise the trials and tribulations that others have encountered.

Ladies don’t read this bit – look away now
Gents: This is the sort of book which might well find a home in your bathroom for times when you just want to read a few pages.  Nuff said.

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Frankly Wines has 2 copies to give away just in time for Christmas.  To enter, please answer the question below by email to frankiecook72 at by noon on Friday 12/12/14 and put Sediment in the subject line.  If there are more than 2 correct answers then 2 will be pulled from a hat

Q: which language does the term “terroir” come from?

Good luck!

Disclosure: the copies for review and prizes were provided by John Blake Publishing Ltd.

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