Highlights from the Lidl Xmas Tasting (Part two)

It’s #ThrowbackThursday so I thought I would reblog the post which has been most popular so far this year (outside of my Top 10 lists)…

…and it’s still a post from last year on some of the best red wines I enjoyed at the Lidl Press lasting. It just goes to show, that while we all enjoy fine wine, and I am occasionally privileged to try some great wines at tastings, it’s the wines that people want to spend a few more € when putting a bottle in their trolley with the weekly shopping that are most important to people.

Frankly Wines

Part one covered the sparklers and the whites, now here’s a look at some of the red wines which I enjoyed at the Lidl Xmas Press Tasting:

Bordeaux Superieur AOP 2012 (€7.49)

Bordeaux Supérieur AOP Bordeaux Supérieur AOP 2012

This is traditional fare to go with steak or roast beef.  I’m sure someone could also recommend a cheese this would be a great match for…but that someone’s not me!  Ignore the Supérieur part of the label – it means the wine is at least 10.5% alcohol versus 10.0% for Bordeaux on its own – and in the last few decades missing that target has been rare.

Soft black fruit wrapped up in silky tannins, this is proper Bordeaux at a properly low price. A majority of Merlot gives plum and blackcurrant with just a touch of leather.  Decant for a few hours to help it open up.

Cepa Lebrel Rioja DOCa Joven 2013…

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