A Taste that’s out of this World

Peregrine Winery Central Otago
Peregrine Winery Central Otago

Some parts of Central Otago look like another world – wild doesn’t even start to cover it. Now vying with Martinborough as the best place for Pinot Noir in New Zealand, there’s an amazing variety of landscapes – some more resembling moonscapes in the former gold-mining areas.

It’s rugged, but beautifully rugged, even on an overcast day.

But it’s not just about Pinot – other varieties do well in the cooler climate down here as well. Chardonnay is an obvious one (Felton Road for example) and so is Riesling.  I think it’s fair to say that New Zealand is still finding its feet with Riesling, but there are some increasingly complex, balanced and just plain delicious wines being made.

Peregrine Central Otago
Peregrine Winery

Peregrine Central Otago Riesling 2010

With excellent acidity, this tastes nigh on dry – the 5 g/l of Residual Sugar adds body and balance without being obviously sweet.  It’s a fabulously versatile wine, great on its own on with anything from seafood to Thai.  At almost five years of age there are secondary aroma and flavours starting to develop along side the lemon and lime of its youth.

Peregrine Riesling Central Otago
Peregrine Riesling

Alcohol is 13.0% which gives you a hint that it’s no featherweight, but has enough body and oomph to really stand up for itself.  This is the type of wine I’d like to buy a case of and drink gradually over the years.

Stockists: not yet available in Ireland, but should have a RRP of €27 – €29


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5 thoughts on “A Taste that’s out of this World”

  1. I agree with you about Otago being the NZ pinnacle for Pinot – drank the Mount Difficulty 2010 recently, one of the best Kiwi Pinots I’ve ever had. Also love Riesling from NZ – not tried any from Otago but enjoyed one from Marlborough (Grewacke) on Friday night… Love the balance

    1. Balance is the part that not all in NZ have got right IMO when it comes to Riesling, but the better producers have – Greywacke included. Mount Difficulty have a great Riesling as well!

  2. I think you have to treat NZ pinots as separate to Burgundy, I spent years seeking to find the equivalent instead of appreciating them for themselves and their own qualities, of wwhich there are many. Completely with you in really enjoying Riesling from there.

    1. I agree on comparisons with Burgundy – they are ultimately futile. So much different between Martinborough, Marlborough, Waipara, Nelson, Central Otago, Waitiki and even Hawke’s Bay Pinot – such great fun discovering it all!

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