Valentines Wines (V) – Romantic, Tacky or Kitsch?

I’m often suspicious of marketing in the wine world, perhaps because my original profession is far from the creative side of things.  In particular, I have wondered if marketing budgets trump wine quality itself – there are a few big brands whose wines I think are just swill – you know the ones I mean.

But are marketing and quality wine mutually exclusive?  Here’s a wine that puts that to the test.  Disclosure: the bottle was kindly supplied by O’Briens

Lanson Rosé NV “Valentine’s” (€54.99, currently €44.99, O’Briens)

Lanson Rosé NV
Lanson Rosé NV – back

This is Lanson’s non-vintage rosé Champagne in special packaging.  I have some colour-blindness, but even I can tell it’s VERY PINK.  It comes with a pen so that you can use it as a Valentine’s message to your spouse / partner / crush.

Lanson Rosé NV - front
Lanson Rosé NV – front

Most readers will be more interested in the contents than the packaging – this is a wine blog after all.  So how is the liquid inside?

Lanson is not yet that well-known on the Irish market but is among the top few in the UK. They block malolactic fermentation in the base wines, so the end product remains very fresh tasting – and it works!  The acidity isn’t fierce, but this remains far more refreshing than some rosés (in particular) which can be insipid.

The assemblage is 32% Chardonnay, 53% Pinot Noir and 15% Pinot Meunier, which shows on the nose as red fruit, and then to taste there’s lots of fresh strawberry and raspberry with a citrus lift.

I’m not a rosé drinker in general, but quality rosé Champagne is really growing on me.

And the packaging – is it Romantic, Tacky or Kitsch?

In my opinion it’s all three, but then so is Valentine’s day!

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